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Consultancy and Training

Using Books at Press resources

with other Schemes of Work and Learning Projects

Alongside our own cross-curricular topic webs and detailed planning that we provide for you (PLAN+3), our range of books and resources can also easily support schemes of work, learning projects and other resources that you may already be using in your school to support RE.   

Please see details below about some specific schemes which can be supported by our resources.

Our Nursery to Year 2 planning grid is a really useful tool to help you plan your RE across four years. Click the link here to access your copy of the useful grid.

Using Books at Press resources with Cornerstones

Each of the Books at Press titles easily support many of the Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Click this link to see which resources lend themselves best to particular Cornerstones ILPs.


Using Books at Press resources with our  PLAN+3

Our PLAN+3 for every  Books at Press title provides a cross-curricular topic web and detailed planning linking all areas of learning from either the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for England, the Foundation Phase curriculum for Wales or the Curriculum for Excellence for schools in Scotland.  

Each PLAN+3 can be used either as an RE led topic with opportunity to bring in most other areas of the curriculum, or as a contribution to a general topic you have already planned.  

Mapping these PLANs across your age range, will ensure a good coverage of exciting and stimulating RE for your pupils.

With each PLAN+3 you also get at least three pupil activities (by  email) which we’ve created specifically to stimulate further reflection on the story All activities are educationally appropriate, drawing on numeracy, literacy, social and thinking skills, whilst providing lots of fun for pupils.

Visit our PLAN+3 page for more details.  

Using Books at Press resources with Discovery RE

Books at Press is pleased to support schools that may be using the Discovery RE scheme of work.

Many of our resources naturally support some of the

Discovery RE enquiries and we are pleased to work with

Jan Lever, Director of Discovery RE in supporting teachers in aiming for excellence in Religious Education.

Click here to see which resources themselves best to certain Discovery RE enquiries.  

For further information or support please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Using Books at Press resources with

                             Understanding Christianity

The 'Puddles and Freddie' series is the first to receive the Understanding Christianity Accreditation award. 

This means the set of resources has been fully verified as effectively supporting the teaching and learning approach promoted by Understanding Christianity.  Themes covered within the Puddles series of books also fully match the core theological concepts identified by the project and with which children will engage. 

Books at Press is delighted to be able to support schools as they adopt the Understanding Christianity project to raise standards in teaching and learning about Christianity.

A free grid showing how the Books at Press resources support the specific units and concepts of the the project is available to support you in using each of the Puddles books alongside Understanding Christianity.  To obtain a copy of this useful grid simply request a copy via email: or call us on 01594 516490 and we’ll email it you with our compliments.

Visit our Understanding Christianity page for more on this subject.

What’s best - Topic RE or Discrete RE?

We’re here to help!

We believe that where RE fits naturally and appropriately into general topic work then that makes it easiest for teachers and most fun for pupils.

However, not all topics suit RE so do avoid making tenuous and inappropriate links.  

RE can lead the way in topic work so why not on occasion have an RE led cross-curricular topic?

Discrete teaching of RE can help to ensure a balanced and broad coverage of RE as well as continuity and progression.   However, this only works if time is given as regularly as it should be to cover the full scheme of work or planning... and we know that this often doesn’t happen in a very busy week!

A combination of  RE linked to topic work, discrete RE and RE led cross-curricular topics will probably work best.  Our Nursery to Year 2 planning grid may help you decide how best to organise your RE across this age group. Click the link here to access your copy of the useful grid.

 If you are not sure what RE to link with a particular general topic you are exploring or just want further information or support please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Using Books at Press resources

with your Diocesan or Locally Agreed Syllabus

A free grid showing how the Books at Press resources support the locally Agreed Syllabus and / or Diocesan Syllabus is available for schools in some areas.  The Puddles resources will support the Christianity element of all Agreed Syllabuses and Diocesan syllabuses.  Our traditional Muslim stories about caring for the natural world will support syllabuses where Islam is specified or where there are no specific requirements in terms of which religions are to be covered.  Simply contact us by email or phone 01594 516490 and tell us which syllabus you are using and we will let you know what support is available to you.